Tangshan Branch of Nanjing General Hospital of the Nanjing Military Region


The Tangshan Branch of Nanjing General Hospital is located in the ancient town of Tangshan, a scenic area in the eastern suburbs of Nanjing. It is a national scenic spot and a hot spring tourism development zone in Nanjing. The original site was built in 1938 and was renamed as the Nanjing General Hospital Sanatorium in September 2005. It undertakes the task of recuperation and has undergone historical changes in nature and function. Later, with the strong medical technology advantages of the General Hospital, it carried out medical treatment work and gradually moved away from the path of combining treatment with medical care and coordinated development.

Tangshan Branch has a medical area of approximately 40000 square meters, with 1 outpatient building, 2 comprehensive ward buildings, an independent rehabilitation center, and a physical examination center. It is the largest comprehensive medical institution in the eastern part of the city that integrates medical treatment, recuperation, rehabilitation, and physical examination. There are a total of 18 departments, 14 treatment and rehabilitation wards, and 605 treatment beds. Equipped with medical equipment such as MRI, CT, CR, digital gastrointestinal machine, color ultrasound, and fully automatic biochemical analyzer, the total value is over 40 million yuan. We have established clinical specialties such as internal medicine, general surgery, orthopedics, rehabilitation, dentistry, facial features, and gynecology.

Tangshan Branch of Nanjing General Hospital of the Nanjing Military Region

This project includes one 10KV user station, two 400V distribution rooms, and 156 non-standard boxes on each floor.

Among them, the high and low voltage distribution room adopts the Sfer PMS power monitoring system backend of Jiangsu Sfer Electric Co., Ltd., which records and analyzes the data collected by microcomputer protection devices, intelligent measurement and control instruments, transformer temperature controllers, and other equipment in real time to ensure the reliability of hospital electricity consumption.

The distribution box adopts the SCK600 electrical fire monitoring system of Jiangsu SElectric Co., Ltd. The system consists of LD series residual current transformers, NTC temperature sensors, SCK600A series electrical fire monitoring detectors, and SCK680-B series electrical fire monitoring equipment. By real-time monitoring of residual current and temperature in the circuit, the electrical safety of the hospital's distribution system is ensured.

Tangshan Branch of Nanjing General Hospital of the Nanjing Military Region