Focus On Hannover | Elecnova Takes You to Immersive Exhibition


From May 30 to June 2, the four-day Hannover Industrial Expo ended. "Digitalization and sustainability" is the key theme of this Hannover Industrial Expo. 2500 exhibitors from about 60 countries gathered at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Germany. In this world's leading industrial technology exhibition platform, exhibitors from all over the world made amazing appearances and presented their innovative products and solutions to participants from all over the world. Since 2017, this is the fourth time that Elecnova has participated in the Hannover Industrial Expo. As an exhibitor, Elecnova is very grateful for the careful preparation of the organizing committee of the conference, which has created a big stage for us to show the overall strength of Elecnova to the world.

Focus On Hannover | Sfere Takes You To Immersive Exhibition

In this exhibition, Elecnova did everything possible to eliminate the interference of the epidemic and organized an expert group to go to sea. They came from different countries and had an average of more than 10 years of industry experience. With the continuous promotion of the exhibition, I believe that more and more users will feel their profound technical skills and excellent product introductions, and I also believe that through their practice, the corporate culture of Elecnova will be further recognized and trusted by global users.

Focus On Hannover | Sfere Takes You To Immersive Exhibition

Based on its successful experience in China and closely following the theme of digitalization and sustainability of this Hannover Industrial Exhibition, Elecnova has brought mature digital intelligent power distribution solutions to global users. In addition to continuous innovation in the field of traditional intelligent power distribution, we have also paid attention to the urgent energy conservation needs of new energy and data center industries in Europe and other emerging markets. During this trip to Germany, we have brought a wealth of products for new energy industries, especially charging piles and the energy storage field, that can meet the energy monitoring needs of different users in different scenarios.

At the same time, in the field of data centers, we have chosen to grandly release Elecnova's new generation of energy monitoring products at this exhibition, which not only effectively respond to the needs of high energy consumption and strong security of data centers, but also help data center users achieve energy regulation, improve energy use efficiency, reduce the construction period, and ultimately achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

In addition, in the digital 5G base station in the information and communication industry, Elecnova has an excellent market share in China. At this exhibition, we are also very willing to share our successful experience with users worldwide who focus on the construction of digital 5G base stations.

During the exhibition, Elecnova received an interview from Made In China (hereinafter referred to as MIC). In the interview, Spere said: the theme of this exhibition is digitalization and sustainability. Our company is positioned as a supplier of digital intelligent power distribution solutions. The theme of this conference is fully consistent with our company's development goals. Therefore, we look forward to learning from well-known enterprises in the industry on the one hand in this exhibition; On the other hand, we also hope that more users will learn about Elecnova and our Elecnova, and hope to make our own contribution to digitalization and sustainability.