ECO-B20FT5015LP Liquid-cooled Battery Container

ECO-B20FT5015LP Liquid-cooled Battery Container

The 20-ft liquid-cooled ESS container product integrates PACK, EMS, BMS, HVAC, fire safety system into one container. Compared with the air cooling, the liquid cooling empowers the ESS product with higher power density and ensures the temperature difference between the cells within 3°C, which effectively extends battery service life and improves energy efficiency. The 20-ft liquid-cooled ESS container product can be applied to power generation side, gridside, as well as C&I ESS scenarios which has strict requirements on power and capacity.


Higher Energy Density

The 20-foot liquid-cooled energy storage container has a maximum capacity of 5.015MWh, providing higher energy density, and saving costs.

Lower Local Power Consumption

The variable-frequency compressor adjusts its operating status based on temperature conditions, thus reducing the equipment's power consumption.

Lower Operating Noise

The product significantly reduces the use of fans, resulting in lower noise compared to air-cooled products.

Longer Service Life

The temperature consistency of battery cell temperatures extends the service life and enhances the safety of batteries, and increases returns.

Better Temperature Control

In comparison to air cooling, the liquid cooling scheme reduces the battery cell temperature difference by 200%, keeping the temperature difference within 3°C.

Higher Protection

The product utilizes the IP55 PACK IP65 high protection level & C4 protection level and the high/low-temperature design.

Rated Energy5.01 5MWh
Rated Voltage1331.2Vdc
Voltage Range1164.8~1497.6Vdc
PACK Ingress RatingIP65
Charge/Discharge Rate0.5C
Operating Temperature-25C~55C
Fire SafetyNOVEC1230/aerosol+ water
Ingress RatingIP55
CoolingChiller+liquid cooling
Altitude≤2,000m (derating above 2,000m)
Dimensions (W*D*H)6,058*2,550*2,591 (mm)

Cell: IEC 62619、UL9540A、UN38.3、UL1973

System: IEC 62477、IEC62619、UL1973、IEC 63056、UL9540 A、UN3536

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