3 Seconds on Camera, 20 Years of Hard Work, Schier's Strong Competition for CCTV's “Microgrid” Special Report.


Since its establishment, SF has always adhered to the concept of creating value for customers for 20 years, adhered to independent innovation, continuously improved products and services, and gained widespread recognition from customers in the ever-changing market, achieving remarkable results. Recently, Szfel, along with his independently developed star product WKH-32-500, made a strong appearance in the CCTV "Microgrid" special report.

Background Introduction

Microgrid refers to a small power generation and distribution system composed of distributed power sources, energy storage devices, energy conversion devices, related loads, and monitoring and protection devices. The electricity inside the microgrid comes from distributed energy sources such as natural gas, photovoltaics, and wind power. When users connect small power equipment such as wind turbines, photovoltaics, energy storage, and gas turbines, they can consume the electricity nearby, saving losses during transmission in the grid and improving energy efficiency.

However, the electricity generated by most new energy generation technologies cannot meet the requirements of the existing interconnected power grid in terms of frequency and voltage levels, and therefore cannot be directly connected to the grid. It needs to be connected through power electronic devices. To this end, it is necessary to vigorously strengthen research on power electronics technology and develop new types of power electronics equipment as supporting facilities, such as grid connected inverters, static switches, and energy control devices.

3 Seconds On Camera, 20 Years Of Hard Work, Schier's Strong Competition For Cctv's

Project Introduction

On May 27, 2018, China's first offshore island smart microgrid was officially put into operation on Yongxing Island in Sansha, Hainan. The Sansha Intelligent Microgrid Energy Management System is an application demonstration project in China's national level power technology field, which has undergone three years of research and practice. The main station of the system is located on Yongxing Island, which can collect and monitor various load data such as diesel generators, photovoltaic systems, energy storage systems, main sub microgrids, seawater desalination, charging piles, etc.

Since its trial operation in 2017, the system has achieved a power supply reliability rate of 100%, a voltage qualification rate of 100%, and a clean energy consumption rate of 100%. Over the past year, it has saved hundreds of tons of diesel by utilizing clean energy such as photovoltaics. In the future, the Sansha smart microgrid can also become the control center of the island microgrid group, enabling remote centralized operation and management of multiple remote island microgrids.

This project uses the Sfier Electric WKH-32-500 series low-voltage line comprehensive protection device, which is a new generation intelligent comprehensive protection device for low-voltage feeder terminals. It is suitable for low-voltage systems with a rated frequency of 50Hz, a rated voltage of 690VAC, and a rated current of 1200A. It has functions such as monitoring, control, protection, and bus communication, and also provides important information such as opening and closing operation records, trip alarm records, and input displacement records, which can well meet the needs of microgrids.

3 Seconds On Camera, 20 Years Of Hard Work, Schier's Strong Competition For Cctv's

Product Introduction

The WKH-32-500 series low-voltage line comprehensive protector can monitor the operating status of the load in this circuit. When faults such as short circuit, overload, phase loss, voltage loss, and overheating occur, it will send an alarm signal, trip the circuit, and record the action time and cause of the fault. The device is equipped with multiple DI and DO interfaces as standard to achieve complex logic control functions, replacing various external relay and contactor coil components, greatly simplifying the external control circuit and reducing costs.

The low-voltage line comprehensive protector WKH-32-500 can upload various data such as current, voltage, frequency, power, and energy of the line to the backend management system through communication, achieving real-time data collection and historical record comparison, facilitating users to analyze and regulate loads. The protective device records faults, alarms, input displacement information, and the number of opening and closing times. Each record is marked with a time mark and the reason for the action is recorded. Perform comparative analysis on the backend system to identify the cause of load failures, facilitating long-term maintenance of the entire system.

  • has multiple built-in protection functions, which can be easily selected for protection on/off, alarm or trip;

  • Realize 16 fault records, 16 alarm records, 16 input displacement records, 16 opening and closing operation records, with comprehensive information content recorded;

  • adopts a Chinese dot matrix LCD interface, which intuitively displays and indicates various parameters, information, and status;

  • 7 programmable relay outputs and 12 programmable dry contact switch inputs;

  • standard communication interface, Modbus RTU/Profibus DP/Modbus TCP communication protocol optional;

  • Modular structure design, flexible combination of device body, transformer, display module, and optional functions;

  • Continuous self testing of hardware and software to achieve the highest reliability;

  • The installation method is flexible and the external dimensions are reasonable, which can be installed in 1/4 drawer cabinets.

3 Seconds On Camera, 20 Years Of Hard Work, Schier's Strong Competition For Cctv's

Project Summary

The technology promotion of microgrids has passed its infancy, and the market size is steadily growing. Focusing on the current global energy and environmental challenges, as well as the long-term high demand for electricity security, the application prospects of microgrid technology are promising. In the next 5 to 10 years, the market size, regional distribution, and application site distribution of microgrids will undergo significant changes.

WKH-32-500 provides stable operation support for low-voltage lines in smart microgrids, helping users effectively manage low-voltage power grid systems.