Application of SFR-APF Series Active Power Filter Cabinet in Taiyuan Metro


Project Background

Taiyuan Metro is an urban rail transit system serving Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, China and various regions of Taiyuan Metropolitan Circle. Its first line, Line 2, was put into operation on December 26, 2020, with the color of China Red, and the total length of the line is 23.65 kilometers; There are 23 stations, all of which are underground stations. It makes Taiyuan the 39th city in Chinese Mainland to open a subway, the fifth city in North China and the first city in Shanxi Province to open a subway.

Application of SFR-APF Series Active Power Filter Cabinet in Taiyuan Metro

System size and composition

The Taiyuan Metro Line 2 adopts our company's three active power filter full cabinet products (SFR-APF4-280/0.4, SFR-APF4-240/0.4, SFR-APF4-120/0.4). The SFR-APF series active power filter cabinet is a new type of power electronic device used for dynamic harmonic filtering. It can filter out harmonics (with changes in size and frequency) in real time to overcome the shortcomings of traditional filters in harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation, achieve the system's harmonic filtering function and reactive power compensation function, and is widely used in power, metallurgy, petroleum, ports, chemical and mining enterprises, etc.

Application of SFR-APF Series Active Power Filter Cabinet in Taiyuan Metro

The SFR-APF series active power filter cabinet has independent intellectual property rights and has obtained national invention patents and CQC certification.

Naming meaning

Application of SFR-APF Series Active Power Filter Cabinet in Taiyuan Metro

Technical Characteristics

More features and modes

  • Harmonic compensation, reactive power compensation, and harmonic reactive power co compensation, with multiple uses for one machine;

  • Equipped with harmonic division compensation function and capable of setting reactive power compensation ratio;

  • High definition 7 (10) inch Chinese and English color touch screen, with real-time display of system and device operating parameters on the screen;

Comprehensive protection function, improving user application stability

  • The effective value peak double setting automatic current limiting algorithm can automatically limit the output line of the equipment to 100% output without overload risk when the load harmonic current is greater than the equipment output;

  • The protection function is complete, with multiple protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, and overheating, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the system;

Advanced control strategies and topology design

  • The improved detection technology based on instantaneous reactive power theory can detect harmonic currents in real time, automatically track changes in load harmonics, and has high controllability and fast responsiveness;

  • Adopting a unique phase-shift harmonic extraction algorithm, it can achieve independent control of each phase when the load is three-phase unbalanced. When the capacity is sufficient, it can choose to eliminate the imbalance function;

  • Using L CL topology structure filtering, it will not introduce high-frequency IGBT switch harmonic interference when outputting harmonic current, and is suitable for impedance of any on-site power grid system without resonance;

Highly integrated, modular, and serialized

  • Modular design, small size, light weight, high power density, easy installation and maintenance;

  • Combining and combining machines to meet different capacity requirements, while achieving standardized production, improves equipment reliability and maintainability, greatly facilitating system installation and maintenance;

  • Single module independent air duct design can effectively isolate environmental dust adhesion and improve product heat dissipation efficiency.

Product Parameters

Rated voltageAC 3 x 230/400V
Rated frequency50Hz±5%
Wiring methodThree phase three wire, three phase four wire
Filter capacity50-600A
response time≤ 5ms
overload protectionCan be automatically set and adjusted
Active power loss<3% rated power
Working modeAutomatic or manual
communication interfaceRS485/Ethernet (optional)
Protection levelIP20
Display interface7/10 inch touch screen (optional)
Altitude requirements≤ 1000m, customizable for high-altitude projects
parallel operationsupport
Cooling methodForced air cooling
Operating ambient temperature-25°C~45°C
Storage/Transportation Environment-40°C-70°C
Working/storage relative humidityRelative humidity of 20%~95%, no condensation/relative humidity of 10% -95%, no condensation
noise<65dB (A)
otherNon standard size, customizable for special requirements

Quick Selection

Application of SFR-APF Series Active Power Filter Cabinet in Taiyuan Metro

Customer value

Low voltage active filtering filters out 0.4KV grid harmonics during subway operation, ensuring the safe operation of mechanical and electrical equipment, while effectively preventing accelerated insulation aging caused by skin effect; Compensate for inductive reactive power during non operational periods, reduce the design and installed capacity of high-voltage SVGs, and reduce the online operation time of high-voltage SVGs; Realize energy conservation and emission reduction, and reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers.