West China Hospital


Huaxi Hospital originated from Renji and Cunren Hospitals established by Christian churches in Chengdu in 1892 in countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In 1937, the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression broke out comprehensively, and Central University, Yanjing University, Qilu University, Jinling University, and Jinling Women's College relocated to Chengdu. They jointly operated medical schools with West China Association University. At that time, the West China Dam was filled with masters and renowned figures, creating an unprecedented spectacle. In 1946, the West China Association University Hospital was completed on its current site, abbreviated as West China Hospital.

In 1950, the People's Government of New China took over West China Cooperative University; In 1953, the department was reorganized into Sichuan Medical College, and the hospital was renamed as the Affiliated Hospital of Sichuan Medical College; In 1985, Sichuan Medical College was renamed as West China Medical University, and the hospital was renamed as the First Affiliated Hospital of West China Medical University; In 2000, Sichuan University merged with West China Medical University, and the college/hospital was renamed as West China Clinical Medical College/West China Hospital of Sichuan University.

West China Hospital

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