Some Things Don't Get Better without Waiting, Such as Low Power Factor During System Operation


Project Overview

Jiesai Technology Zhuhai Communication Industry Park Phase I Power Transformation and Distribution Project, with a low-voltage 400VAC main load, includes automatic optical detectors, LDI exposure machines, automatic exposure machines, automatic lamination systems, photo printers, electronic impedance testing machines, vacuum lamination systems, multi-layer positioning systems, X-ray drilling target systems, CNC milling machines, CNC drilling machines, and other equipment. Due to the characteristics of the equipment itself, there is a large reactive current in the distribution system, resulting in a low power factor in the distribution system. Therefore, the design is equipped with the Sfier SFR-M series intelligent capacitors to solve the problem of low power factor during system operation.

Some Things Don't Get Better Without Waiting, Such As Low Power Factor During System Operation

Measured data 

Comparison of power grid operation data before and after reactive power compensation investment

Screenshot data

FLUKE435 data before and after reactive power compensation input

Introduction to the Functions of the SFR-M Series Intelligent Capacitor and Reactive Power Compensation Controller

The SFR-M series intelligent dynamic harmonic suppression reactive power compensation module is an integrated reactive power compensation product specifically designed for harmonic and power factor problems in 0.4KV low-voltage distribution networks with severe harmonic pollution. It achieves power factor improvement, effective harmonic suppression, reduces line loss, and improves power quality.

The intelligent dynamic harmonic suppression reactive power compensation module includes: DSP digital processing circuit, highly integrated detection, control, protection, display unit, zero crossing switching module, discharge and air cooling unit, filtering reactor, low-voltage filtering power capacitor, and functional module operation status indication circuit. This series of modules is a new generation of dynamic filtering and compensation equipment for 0.4KV low-voltage distribution networks. It is suitable for frequent load changes and high voltage qualification requirements in electric fields. The total time for judging switching and switch action is ≤ 20ms. It is a typical integrated dynamic tracking and compensation module.

Real-time display 

Real time measurement data: voltage, current, power, power factor, total voltage harmonic distortion rate, total current harmonic distortion rate, etc. of the power grid.

Protection function

Controller protection: overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, harmonic over limit protection;

Intelligent capacitor protection: overcurrent protection, over temperature protection, three-phase imbalance protection.

Control function 

Input threshold: 0.5~1.2 Switching delay: 0.1 seconds~999.9 seconds

Target power factor: 0.5000~1.000

Typical wiring diagram of reactive power compensation controller and intelligent capacitor module

Some Things Don't Get Better Without Waiting, Such As Low Power Factor During System Operation

Project Summary

The power factor at the incoming cabinets of each transformer in the user's 400V distribution system has been increased to around 0.95, and the electricity consumption of the enterprise has met the reward requirements of the power supply department, bringing practical economic benefits to the enterprise; At the same time, the transformer operates stably, purifying the electrical environment, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the equipment, and greatly improving the effective utilization rate of electrical energy; Reduced distribution line losses, increased terminal voltage, and extended service life of cables and equipment.