Power Monitoring System Solution


System Overview

The Power Monitoring System (PMS) integrates various terminal hardware such as smart meters, comprehensive protection devices, smart circuit breakers, temperature control instruments, etc. through network communication equipment to achieve business functions such as data acquisition, remote control, event alarms, and data analysis, thereby improving the comprehensive management level of user transformation and distribution.

The system monitors the user's site, circuit, and equipment in all aspects and throughout the time period, records various parameters and status changes in real time, notifies events in a timely manner, and plays a core role in power monitoring and management. It helps users comprehensively obtain data, control status in real time, reduce operation and maintenance costs, improve work efficiency, and accelerate the response speed to electrical abnormalities, greatly improving the reliability, safety, and intelligence level of the distribution system.

Power Monitoring System Solution

Functional framework

Power Monitoring System Solution

Network architecture

System function

Real time monitoring

Real time monitoring is the core functional module of the power monitoring system, through which users can grasp the operational status of the monitored project, site, and circuit at all levels, and build a "fast channel" between users and data.

Build a monitoring network with gateway devices and terminal devices, fully leverage the portability of mobile devices, and run real-time and all-round monitoring and data queries.

Power Monitoring System Solution

Operational analysis

Through multi-dimensional statistical data queries such as horizontal comparison, vertical comparison, and extreme value analysis, various massive data can be professionally analyzed and visualized to show the trend of data changes, mining the value of power data.

Power Monitoring System Solution

Event Management

Various events that occur during operation can be recorded and queried, and combined with mobile devices, it can achieve deep integration of online and offline, monitor device operation status, actively push alarms in real-time, and accurately locate, troubleshoot, and handle events.


Other functions

Project Overview: Present the project operation status in the form of a map based on the project address, and comprehensively present project operation data and information.

Electricity analysis: Conduct multidimensional analysis and comparison of the electricity consumption situation of the project, providing strong data support for users to grasp the electricity consumption of each electricity consumption link.

Model configuration: freely and flexibly configure data monitoring models and energy consumption processing models to achieve data monitoring, electricity calculation, and data analysis.

Permission management: By configuring user roles and data permissions accurately, the scope of user system permissions is configured, achieving precise management of system permissions and improving system data security.


Mobile applications

Fully leverage the portability of mobile devices to achieve functions such as data querying, real-time event reminders, and event processing registration, helping users stay informed of the operational status of the distribution system at any time.

System overview

Master the number of system access projects, number of devices, and current event situation.

  • Number of message notifications

  • Number of access projects

  • Number of online devices

  • Number of offline devices

  • Current number of events

  • Current event information

Power Monitoring System Solution

Real time monitoring

View real-time data of projects, sites, and circuits to grasp operational trends

An overview of electricity can be viewed, including today's electricity, yesterday's electricity, and month on month data; Communication overview: number and online rate of gateways, number and online rate of devices; Number of event types and total number of events; You can search for the corresponding site circuit to view data, obtain the operating parameters (telemetry) and status (remote signaling) of terminal monitoring equipment, grasp the electrical operation situation of the circuit, and provide real-time reminders of events.

Power Monitoring System Solution

Comprehensive analysis

Query the multidimensional analysis results of operational data, electrical energy data, and electrical energy quality data

  • Operation analysis: Analyze and display the operating parameters of terminal devices, including functions such as operation reports, horizontal comparison, vertical comparison, and extreme value analysis.

  • Electricity analysis: Conduct multidimensional analysis and comparison of the electricity consumption of the project, including electricity statistics, year-on-year analysis, month on month analysis, and electricity meter reading

  • Power quality analysis: Analyze the harmonics in power quality, display the total harmonic distortion rate of voltage and current, the harmonic content of voltage and current, and the harmonic content of voltage and current

Power Monitoring System Solution