PetroChina Dushanzi Petrochemical


Dushanzi is one of the birthplaces of China's petroleum industry. In 1909, the first oil well was drilled, and on October 17, 1936, the Dushanzi Refinery was established, starting the traditional method of refining. It has a history of more than 100 years of oil extraction and more than 70 years of refining. It is an important petrochemical base in western China, a strategic hub for the introduction, processing, storage, and transmission of national oil and gas, and an important channel for ensuring national energy security. The crude oil, natural gas, and finished oil pipelines are interconnected. Four main water sources with a total water supply capacity of 4 cubic meters per second. Two power plants with a power generation capacity of 450000 kilowatts per hour.

Dushanzi Petrochemical Company is a world-class enterprise that integrates refining and chemical industry. There are currently 13000 employees, with 61% having a college degree or above. The total assets are 42.2 billion yuan, and it has the ability to process 10 million tons of crude oil per year, produce 1.22 million tons of ethylene per year, and reserve 5 million cubic meters of crude oil. It can produce more than 600 refining and chemical products in 26 categories, including fuel oil, polyolefins, rubber, aromatics, etc. The company has been awarded the National May Day Labor Award twice, the National Civilized Unit three times, and the National Quality and Efficiency Enterprise four times. It is one of the first batch of "National Environmentally Friendly Enterprises".

PetroChina Dushanzi Petrochemical

During the construction of this project, more than 3000 PD19 series intelligent measurement and control instruments, intelligent digital display instruments, and power quality monitoring instruments independently developed by Jiangsu Elecnova Electric Co., Ltd. were successively used, ensuring accurate measurement of various parameters with high precision and stable operation of instrument products in complex environments with high protection level. At the same time, it meets the needs of various other levels of the project and provides efficient safety guarantees for the operation of PetroChina Dushanzi Petrochemical Branch.