National Stadium


The National Stadium (Bird's Nest) is located in the southern central area of the Beijing Olympic Park and was the main stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The total area of the project is 21 hectares, and there are approximately 91000 audience seats in the venue. We held the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as the finals of athletics and football competitions. After the Olympics, it has become a large professional venue for Beijing citizens to participate in sports activities and enjoy sports entertainment, and has become a landmark sports building and Olympic heritage.

The stadium was designed by Jacques Herzog, De Mellon, Ai Weiwei, and Li Xinggang, and was constructed by Beijing Urban Construction Group. The form of a sports stadium is like a nest and cradle that nurtures life, embodying humanity's hope for the future. The designers did not make any unnecessary treatment to this venue, exposing the structure to the outside, thus naturally forming the appearance of the building.

Construction began on December 24, 2003 and was completed in March 2008, with a total cost of 2.267 billion yuan. As a national landmark building, the main stadium of the 2008 Olympic Games had significant structural characteristics. The sports stadium is a top-level sports building and a large sports venue. The main structure design has a service life of 100 years, a fire resistance rating of Level 1, an seismic fortification intensity of 8 degrees, and a waterproof rating of Level 1 for underground engineering.

In April 2014, the Top 10 Contemporary Chinese Architecture Review Committee selected 20 buildings from over 1000 landmark buildings in China based on four indicators: age, scale, artistry, and influence. Ultimately, this gave rise to the top ten contemporary architecture. The Beijing Bird's Nest - National Stadium is one of the buildings shortlisted in the preliminary evaluation.

National Stadium

The Bird's Nest Stadium has a total of 8 substations, which have a large installed capacity for electrical equipment and contain a large number of particularly important primary loads, requiring high reliability and continuity of power supply. This project uses more than 1000 power quality monitoring instruments and intelligent electrical parameter measurement instruments from Jiangsu Elecnova Electric Co., Ltd., perfectly meeting various needs in the project and providing strong guarantees for the electrical safety of the sports stadium.