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According to statistics, since 2009, electrical accidents have surpassed careless use of fire for the first time, becoming the leading cause of fatalities and fires in China. By 2019, electrical accidents had become the culprit for over 30% of fatalities and fires.

More than half of the major fires in the past decade have been caused by various electrical problems. Electrical equipment used in violation of regulations, aging lines in rental rooms, and overloaded machines in operating rooms are all potential risks, and once caught on fire, they can easily cause mass casualties.

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Industry status quo


1. Manage MANAGENT

Electrical fire monitoring data (leakage current, cable temperature, voltage and current, etc.) cannot be centrally monitored in real time, and accurate grasp of power information is not timely. APP/Web and offline cannot be managed in multiple dimensions, which cannot meet the needs of intelligent power management.

2 Warning

Lack of warning system, failure warning information cannot be pushed in a timely manner, hidden dangers cannot be eliminated in a timely manner, and faulty equipment cannot be accurately located.

3 Diagnosis Diagnose

The phenomenon of electrical fire monitoring data not being able to be analyzed and diagnosed in a timely manner, and passively waiting for remedial measures to be taken after abnormalities occur.

4 Systems

The electrical safety management system is not sound, and the electrical fire prevention and maintenance of electrical systems cannot be archived and traced. There is no regular inspection plan.

5 Cost COST

The localized electrical fire safety monitoring system requires dedicated personnel to be on duty and regularly maintain electrical circuits, which is costly. Monitoring system maintenance is restricted.

6 Install INSTALL

The traditional installation method of existing electrical fire detectors is inconvenient for on-site renovation.

National policy

The "2017 Work Points of the Fire Protection Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security" issued by the Fire Protection Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security proposes to promote the research and development of electrical fire protection equipment, install electrical fire monitoring equipment, fully leverage the role of "four institutes and one center", and accelerate the promotion and application of scientific research achievements such as "40 megapascals air respirators", fire warning systems, and electrical fire monitoring systems.

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Functional architecture

Jiangsu Sfere Electric Co., Ltd.'s smart electricity safety service platform combines "Internet of Things+electrical safety", "microservices", "SaaS mode", and "B/S architecture" to collect user distribution terminal data through electrical fire monitoring detectors and intelligent gateways. The main factors causing electrical fires (temperature anomalies, current anomalies, overvoltage (undervoltage), overload, phase loss, leakage current, etc.) are collected and analyzed, and an innovative electrical fire monitoring and early warning model of "online monitoring+offline operation and maintenance+full process supervision" is constructed, which effectively prevents the occurrence of electrical fires and eliminates fire hazards in user electrical systems.

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Application scenarios

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Supermarkets, shopping malls, vegetable markets, dormitories, rental housing and other densely populated places

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Entertainment venues, elderly care institutions, and social welfare institutions

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Hospitals, schools, banks and other public buildings

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Hazardous chemical storage, production, business premises, industrial enterprises, labor-intensive enterprises

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The Smart Electricity Safety Service Platform of Jiangsu Sfere Electric Co., Ltd. is based on ELECNOVA Electric's more than 20 years of rich experience in the power industry and mature electrical safety systematic solutions.

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The smart electricity safety service platform provides users with low-cost professional services, which can effectively improve their level of fire safety management and electrical equipment safety management, and establish a passive to active electricity safety and preventive electrical safety management concept. Effectively prevent major malignant fire and property losses, especially the occurrence of major malignant personnel injury liability accidents.