The Protector of Surge Protectors in Thunderstorm Weather


The Protector of Surge Protectors In Thunderstorm Weather

Recently, it has been a season with high incidence of thunderstorms and lightning, and the unstable weather has brought many troubles to people's travel, as well as certain safety hazards. According to statistics, areas with moderate lightning intensity experience an average of 3.286 lightning strikes per square kilometer per year. Lightning waves may be introduced within a range of several hundred meters on both sides of outdoor power lines; Lightning activities within a range of 1.5-2.0 km around buildings can cause lightning electromagnetic pulses to electronic devices without lightning protection measures inside the building.

In residential companies or other buildings where we are located, there are many electronic devices. Some sensitive electronic devices have low working voltage, weak insulation strength, and poor overvoltage tolerance. Therefore, their likelihood of being damaged by transient overvoltage (i.e. surge voltage), especially lightning strikes, is greatly increased. Lightning damage to electronic equipment can cause misoperation, damage to power supply equipment, valuable computers, and various hardware devices, resulting in direct economic losses, interruptions to the normal operation of electronic equipment, adverse effects on society, and incalculable indirect economic losses.

In order to effectively prevent and reduce lightning surge overvoltage, and to reduce the harm of lightning to electronic equipment through AC 380/220V power supply systems, Jiangsu Sifel Electric has launched low-voltage power surge protectors.

Product Introduction

Surge protector, also known as lightning arrester, is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic devices, instruments, and communication lines.

When a surge current or voltage suddenly occurs in an electrical circuit or communication line due to external interference, the surge protector can conduct shunt in a very short time, thereby avoiding damage to other equipment in the circuit caused by the surge.

Suitable for protection against indirect lightning, direct lightning impact, or other transient overvoltage surges in power supply systems with AC 50/60Hz and rated voltage of 220V/380V. Suitable for surge protection requirements in residential, tertiary, and industrial fields.

The Protector of Surge Protectors In Thunderstorm Weather

Basic characteristics

Protects high flow rate, extremely low residual voltage, and fast response time.

Adopting the latest arc extinguishing technology, completely avoiding fires.

Adopting temperature control protection circuit and built-in thermal protection.

Equipped with power status indicator, indicating the working status of the surge protector.

Rigorous structure, stable and reliable work.

The Protector of Surge Protectors In Thunderstorm Weather

Technical parameter design annotation

The Protector of Surge Protectors In Thunderstorm Weather

Product selection

The Protector of Surge Protectors In Thunderstorm Weather

Product Extension

Backup protector SF-SCB series

The dedicated SPD backup protector is based on Article 430.3 of IEC61643-4 43, which states that "appropriate overcurrent protection devices should be used before the circuit poses a danger". It solves the problem of quickly disconnecting the power surge protector SPD from the power frequency distribution system when power frequency leakage current or power frequency continuation current occurs due to SPD degradation or power frequency overvoltage. However, when the power surge protector SPD discharges lightning electromagnetic pulse current, it does not separate. Effectively solve serious accidents such as combustion and explosion in the application of power surge protector SPD.

At the same time, it effectively solves the problem of blind spots in the protection of widely used fuses or circuit breakers as external disconnect devices, and is an ideal matching device for voltage switching SPD and voltage limiting SPD in low-voltage distribution systems.