Application of the Elecnova Fire Door Monitoring System in Shanghai Park Project


Fire door is a commonly used fire separation component that can be opened and closed in various buildings. The normal opening and closing of fire door can ensure that people can quickly and safely evacuate in case of fire, which plays a vital role in reducing fire losses. At present, many residential, commercial real estate, public buildings have fire doors in evacuation exits, elevator front rooms and other parts. However, due to weak fire safety awareness or poor management, it is often the case that the normally closed fire doors are locked with bolts or locks, or blocked with wooden plugs and other items, so that the fire doors are always open or closed. At this time, once a fire occurs, the fire doors will be virtually empty It has lost its functions of evacuation, smoke and fire prevention, and has brought harm to everyone's life and property safety.

Therefore, it is necessary to effectively monitor the daily working state of the fire doors in real time, give alarm prompt to the fire doors in abnormal state in time, and take measures to restore them to normal working state, so as to ensure that the fire doors function well, ensure the safe evacuation of personnel in case of fire, effectively inhibit the spread of fire, prevent the spread of smoke, and meet the requirements of on-site fire command.

The planning and design of a park project in Shanghai focuses on comprehensive business, leisure and life projects to build a high-end community. The plan focuses on office and business supporting projects, with high-end business and exhibition culture as the core functions, and develops supporting functions such as business, culture, leisure and hotels. The project will accelerate the attraction of a number of well-known headquarters enterprises at home and abroad or professional companies engaged in global business that are "highly functional, influential and highly contributing". The fire prevention and efficient treatment of high-rise buildings are very important. The intelligent fire door monitoring system realizes the integrated operation and maintenance of main equipment and auxiliary equipment, which will reduce the workload of monitoring personnel, reduce the frequency of daily on-site inspection by operation and maintenance personnel, and improve the intelligent management level of the project.

System structure

Doors and windows in buildings are the main way of fire spread in buildings. Fire doors are fire separators used as firewalls and fire compartments in buildings. They have certain smoke and fire blocking functions and can effectively control the fire within the predetermined range. At the same time, the normal opening and closing of fire doors also ensures that people can quickly enter the evacuation passage in case of fire, preventing the spread of fire and the diffusion of high-temperature smoke, so as to reduce the loss caused by fire. In order to make these doors with smoke and fire prevention function play their due role, the national fire industry competent department has formulated the national standard of GB29364-2012 Fire Door Monitor. The fire door monitoring system is used to standardize and manage the status of fire doors in buildings, and achieve unified management, unified display and unified control, so as to ensure that the fire doors play their due design functions.

Product introduction

Fire door monitoring device

SCK980-B series equipment is a new generation of fire door monitor with large capacity, long distance and high reliability. It adopts modular design concept and consists of power management module, data acquisition module and human-computer interaction module. The monitor uses high-performance 32-bit processor, bipolar two bus communication, optimized competition reporting mechanism, intuitive operation interface, and convenient loop debugging. The monitor and the monitoring module are connected by two buses to form a fire door monitoring system, which has the characteristics of fast fault signal response, visual display of the circuit status of each fire door, open uplink communication protocol, etc., and is very suitable for online monitoring of the fire door system.

Low power consumption, high performance 32-bit processor (ARM Cortex-M4 core)

The non polarity two-wire bus directly supplies power to the monitoring module and completes data exchange

Each busway can carry 252 monitoring modules

The monitoring host automatically codes the monitoring module

The monitoring host displays the status of fire doors in each monitoring circuit in real time, and responds to faults and alarms

Support single fire door linkage closing, and also regional linkage closing

The monitoring host adopts a 10 inch industrial LCD touch screen

The secondary password setting function is convenient for maintenance and management

Large capacity historical record storage function, with information storage capacity up to 100000;

With RS485, Ethernet and other communication ports, it is easy to connect with the monitoring platform;

With real-time printing function, it can set various types of information stored in the printing controller according to the actual needs;

Intelligent electric door closer

SCK910-KY-P (Single door)

Normally open door application (recommended)

Integrated design, the monitoring module is built into the sliding block of the door closer

Split normally open door monitoring module

SCK910-K-P (Single door)

SCK920-K-P (Dual door)

Normally open door application

It shall be used together with ordinary electric door closer or electromagnetic release, mechanical door closer and magnetic door switch

Integrated normally closed door monitoring module

SCK910-BY-P (Single door)

SCK920-BY-P (Dual door)

Normally closed door application (recommended)

Integrated monitoring module and door magnet

Occupy 1 point of the monitor

Split type normally closed door monitoring module

SCK910-B-P (Single door)

SCK920-B-P (Dual door)

Normally closed door application (recommended)

Integrated monitoring module and door magnet

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