Why is the Subway Energy Management So Convenient in the City of Huaihai?


Subway Energy Management So Convenient In The City of Huaihai

Nowadays, the subway has become the lifeline for commuting in first, second, and third tier cities.

The operational efficiency of subways often directly determines the commuting quality of urban workers. Energy management during subway operation is particularly important, and reasonable energy management is the guarantee for efficient subway operation. As the central city of the Huaihai Economic Zone, Xuzhou will also usher in the opening of its second subway line this month, and the Sfier subway energy management system is safeguarding this lifeline.

Subway Energy Management So Convenient In The City of Huaihai

The subway system has diverse electrical loads and complex distribution relationships, so statistical analysis of system electricity consumption has always been a pain point for operators. The Sifel electrical engineer conducted on-site research on the situation, had multiple in-depth exchanges and discussions with frontline employees and leaders of the power supply department of Xuzhou Metro Company, and designed and developed the subway energy management system.

In the more than two months of trial operation and joint debugging work, the system ran well and effectively solved the problem of electricity management difficulties for users, playing a promoting role in achieving energy conservation, emission reduction, cost reduction, and efficiency increase in subway electricity consumption.

Advanced energy management software

Energy management software, as the first window of interaction with users, has strong capabilities.

Subway Energy Management So Convenient In The City of Huaihai

The comprehensive energy consumption information of the entire project is an instant snapshot of the energy consumption of the entire project. Among them, it includes information such as the ranking of electricity consumption for this month, the total amount of electricity consumption for this month, and the trend of electricity consumption, allowing users to directly see the electricity consumption information of each site and achieve real-time troubleshooting of abnormal electricity consumption situations.

In addition to providing an overall analysis of the entire energy consumption system, this system also includes six major functions: data monitoring, statistical analysis, report center, alarm notification, asset management, and system settings.

Data monitoring provides users with real-time electricity usage. The data monitoring page monitors the electrical energy data within the system in the dimensions of sub items, households, and zones. It is combined with data visualization forms such as line charts, bar charts, and pie charts to enable users to quickly and intuitively understand the electricity consumption situation.

Subway Energy Management So Convenient In The City of Huaihai

In addition, data monitoring can also monitor electrical parameters and equipment status, allowing users to real-time grasp the operating status of critical circuits.

Statistical analysis provides the ability to analyze historical data. Users can analyze and compare the electrical energy data of stations, circuits, and sub items within a custom time period, and the results can also be exported.

Subway Energy Management So Convenient In The City of Huaihai

Subway Energy Management So Convenient In The City of Huaihai

The report center provides users with various subway energy consumption operation reports, which can be customized according to needs, saving time and effort for daily operations.

Subway Energy Management So Convenient In The City of Huaihai

In addition, alarm notifications are the security guards for system operation, detecting and reporting electricity anomalies and equipment failures in real time. Asset management storage system equipment inventory, convenient for users to inventory equipment assets. The system is set to open basic information configuration for various functions, meeting the customization requirements of users during daily use.


Solid hardware support

A software with excellent user experience cannot do without high-quality hardware support.

Throughout the energy management system of Xuzhou Metro, designers have always followed the idea of "comprehensive perception, unified IoT, and data interoperability". The entire architecture is well integrated with intelligent equipment, and through standardized access of intelligent gateways and terminal devices, real-time collection and comprehensive statistical analysis of electrical energy data are achieved. Standardized data interfaces enable the interconnection of management data.

Subway Energy Management So Convenient In The City of Huaihai

Hardware architecture of subway energy management system

Smart meters are a crucial component in maintaining the operation of subway energy management systems. Smart meters have functions such as digital communication, full electrical parameter monitoring, energy metering, energy quality analysis, harmonic monitoring, demand recording, extreme value recording, switch status monitoring, and limit exceeding alarm. And expandable modules can be installed to achieve powerful functions such as multi rate electricity metering, fault recording, and event recording. In this system, smart meters are well applied at terminals, providing accurate information for the system.

Subway Energy Management So Convenient In The City of Huaihai

In addition to smart meters, in today's world of smart everything, Sfier has also launched an intelligent gateway. The intelligent gateway is an Internet of Things network controller with protocol resolution, data edge computing and standardization. It has the functions of data acquisition, protocol analysis, edge computing, 4G/3G/wifi data transmission and access to the industrial cloud platform. It can be used as an access node to collect large-scale distributed devices such as PLC, sensors, instruments and controllers.

Subway Energy Management So Convenient In The City of Huaihai

The intelligent gateway can quickly help users access the high-speed Internet and realize safe and reliable network data transmission. It is widely used in transportation, energy and mineral resources, electricity, meteorology, industrial automation, finance, water conservancy, environmental protection, medical care, agriculture, forestry, oil and other fields, as well as in intelligent fields such as intelligent transportation, smart home, and intelligent car networking.

In this system, the intelligent gateway collects real-time data from smart meters, and after data processing and protocol conversion, sends the data to various service platforms to achieve a "connecting link" function.

The Sfier subway energy management system integrates intelligent instrument technology, computer technology, and communication network technology. While providing an integrated solution for subway energy consumption management, it also reflects strong technical strength. I believe that Szfel's outstanding electrical equipment strength can make outstanding contributions to the country's promotion of industrial digitization.