This Hospital in Nanjing is Located in the Ancient Town of Tangshan


The Tangshan Branch of Nanjing General Hospital is located in the scenic area of Tangshan in the eastern suburbs of Nanjing. The medical area of the Tangshan Branch is about 40000 square meters, with 1 outpatient building, 2 comprehensive ward buildings, an independent rehabilitation center, and a physical examination center. It is the largest comprehensive medical institution in the eastern part of the city that integrates medical treatment, recuperation, rehabilitation, and physical examination. It is equipped with medical equipment such as MRI, CT, CR, digital gastrointestinal machine, color ultrasound, and fully automatic biochemical analyzer.

This Hospital In Nanjing Is Located In The Ancient Town Of Tangshan

This project includes one 10kV user station, two 400V distribution rooms, and 156 floor distribution boxes. The high and low voltage distribution room is equipped with a Spere PMS power monitoring system provided by Jiangsu Elecnova Electric. The system records and analyzes real-time data collected by microcomputer protection devices, multifunctional power instruments, intelligent measurement and control instruments, transformer temperature controllers, and other equipment to ensure the reliability of hospital electricity consumption.

This Hospital In Nanjing Is Located In The Ancient Town Of Tangshan

In addition, the floor distribution box is equipped with an SCK600 electrical fire monitoring system provided by Jiangsu Elecnova Electric. The system consists of SCK680-B series electrical fire monitoring equipment, SCK600A series electrical fire monitoring detectors, LD series residual current transformers, and NTC temperature sensors. Through real-time monitoring of residual current and temperature in the circuit, the safety of the hospital distribution system is effectively improved.

This Hospital In Nanjing Is Located In The Ancient Town Of Tangshan

The SCK600 electrical fire monitoring system can be installed in TN-S, TN-C-S, and local TT low-voltage distribution systems. The system includes SCK680 electrical fire monitoring equipment, SCK600 electrical fire monitoring detectors, as well as accessories such as residual current transformers and temperature sensors. Electrical fire monitoring detectors are used to monitor parameters such as residual current, load current, and cable temperature in the circuit, and upload them to monitoring equipment for centralized control and management; When the relevant parameters in the circuit are abnormal, the monitoring equipment emits an audible and visual alarm, indicating the alarm location. At the same time, the on-site detector emits an audible and visual alarm and control signal to remind users to investigate or replace hidden circuits, reducing the risk of fire caused by electrical reasons.

System structure

The SCK600 electrical fire monitoring system adopts a three-layer distributed design of equipment layer, communication layer, and management layer, achieving decentralized control and centralized management. Regional multi-level monitoring equipment can be cascaded for monitoring of medium and large areas, achieving unified operation and setting, and displaying and alarming in different regions. A single monitoring device is used to achieve an integrated monitoring system for small and medium-sized areas. The detector signals in each installation area are uniformly sent to the monitoring equipment for centralized processing, display, alarm, and management. The system has a high cost-effectiveness.

This Hospital In Nanjing Is Located In The Ancient Town Of Tangshan

System function

Real time monitoring

The system monitors the residual current and temperature values of each circuit in real time, and displays detailed circuit name and number content as well as various functional buttons on the main interface.


Alarm settings and prompts

The system supports remote setting of residual current and temperature alarm values, as well as various circuit information and status. When an alarm occurs in the circuit, the system emits an audible and visual alarm signal, and at the same time, the interface emits a significant color change, automatically recording detailed sequence of events. The number of event records is ≥ 60000, making it easy to trace.


Alarm and fault records

The system is equipped with a dedicated historical database that provides historical alarm records and historical fault records. Users can access, query, and print them at any time through the report interface. Users with advanced permissions or above can delete records one by one or all.

This Hospital In Nanjing Is Located In The Ancient Town Of Tangshan

Alarm printing

The monitoring equipment is equipped with a micro printer, which can automatically/manually print alarm and fault information. Support setting the interface to automatically print information when an alarm/fault occurs.


Historical data trend curve

The system supports curve based querying of residual current and temperature data stored in history, and the query time interval and circuit can be dynamically set. The interface can reflect in real-time the changes in residual current or temperature during any given time period.

Status information display

The system can display various current status information in real time (power supply status, equipment fault status, alarm status, and the working status of all communication devices) synchronously with the monitoring device indicator lights.


System fault self check

The monitoring equipment displays the real-time operation status of various internal functional modules and has fault self diagnosis function. At the same time, it displays the cause of the fault in real-time on the system interface and judges the communication status of detectors in various areas in real time, intelligently self checking the faults of the entire system.


User rating management

The system is divided into three levels of permission management, and different operations require corresponding permission levels to operate, in order to prevent misoperation and illegal entry.


System operation information

The system has an independent information window that records all operational information of the device after self startup, facilitating comprehensive judgment of the current status of the operating system.

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This Hospital In Nanjing Is Located In The Ancient Town Of Tangshan

The SCK600 electrical fire monitoring system is a new generation electrical fire monitoring system launched with the main purpose of early warning and monitoring of electrical fires, using digital technology and distributed design solutions. This system has passed the 3C mandatory certification of the National Fire Electronic Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and can be applied to large shopping malls, hotels, public buildings, intelligent buildings, petrochemical, industrial and mining enterprises and other places with high fire hazards.


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