Thai Hotel Case


When it comes to Thailand, the first thing that comes to mind are sunshine, beaches, a dazzling array of fruits, and popular tourist check-in destinations Thailand is an important strategic fulcrum country of the "the Belt and Road". With the rapid development of Thailand's automobile manufacturing, clothing, tourism and other industries, Thailand's power demand is growing. Jiangsu Sifei Electric responds to the national strategy of "going out" and actively explores international markets.

Case introduction


The Central Grand Mirage Resort is the largest theme hotel in Pattaya, with 555 guest rooms, numerous facilities, high electricity consumption, and high requirements for power quality.

Work scenario



The hotel has four transformers with a capacity of 2000kVA, with a natural power factor of about 0.8. The load rates of the four transformers are basically the same, and the non-linear equipment capacity is relatively small. Based on the above situation, the hotel has equipped each transformer with a Sifel SFR-L series stainless steel shell intelligent capacitor of 600 kvar. Our company's equipment quickly responds to load reactive power demand after operation, ensuring that the hotel's monthly average power factor is ≥ 0.95. While reducing the flow of reactive power in the power supply system, it also reduces electricity costs and improves voltage stability.

Characteristics of the plan

The reactive power compensation module has zero crossing switching, fast response speed, and low surge current.



The reactive power compensation controller sends switching commands through the network port, and the controller is connected to several compensation modules using network cable handles. The wiring workload of the control part is greatly reduced, and the number of fault points is significantly reduced.


The stainless steel shell of the reactive power compensation module is more suitable for environments with high humidity, ensuring safety and stability. Thailand experiences high temperatures throughout the year, often accompanied by tropical cyclones generated by the ocean, with an average humidity typically ranging from 75% to 100%.


The reactive power compensation module has a compact structure and saves space in the user's distribution room. Easy to install and maintain.



The reactive power compensation module has high reliability and supports switching times ≥ 1.2 million times.


Write at the end

Thailand is one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world and also the country with the highest reception of international tourists among ASEAN countries. In recent years, the Thai government has formulated a tourism development plan, adopted a series of encouragement and support policy measures, and vigorously constructed and improved tourism infrastructure.

At the same time, Thailand's electricity infrastructure is relatively good, and the electricity market in Thailand is relatively complete among Southeast Asian countries. With a standardized hotel power management solution product portfolio, hotels can significantly improve the normal operation time and efficiency of electrical systems, save energy and increase efficiency, while ensuring safety and reliability.