Power Quality Management Software

Power Quality Management Software


The power quality management platform (SFR-PQM) is a complete ecology formed after the whole series of power quality products and equipment are connected to the cloud. It can flexibly read the data of various power equipment, with high integration and effective multi-channel data aggregation. It supports 4G cellular network multi band coverage, RS232/RS485 and other communication interfaces to meet various data acquisition methods; High performance industrial grade wireless module is adopted to support extremely wide temperature design of - 35 ℃~+75 ℃.

Power Quality Management Software Feature
Professional supporting facilities
Simple operation
Fast distribution network
Remote interconnection
Graphical interface
Product Advantage

Power Quality Management Software Product Advantage

  • HTML5 applet, not extral APP installation, simple and easy

  • Available to work with Sfere AHF cabinet, SVG cabinet and intelligent reactive power compensation cabinet

  • The supporting remote control platform can monitor, configure, upgrade, diagnose, maintain and control a large number of equipment distributed in various regions Reduce the maintenance costs of the project runner, integrators, equipment providers and other parties, improve management efficiency dramatically

  • The graphical interface intuitively displays the energy data and the electric parameters from the cabinet, analyzing the harmonic and power factor of the distribution system, and enable the on/off operation

  • Fast integrate network system, automatically, no need to any manually operation

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