Introduction to Yunjing Network Accounting System


Industry background

With the rapid development of the economy, people's living standards are increasingly improving, and the consumption of electricity is also growing rapidly. In the coming years, the market of the power industry will continue to increase, which means there is still huge room for growth in the capacity of the electricity sales market. In 2019, it is expected that China's social electricity consumption will increase by about 7% year-on-year, with a market size exceeding 7 trillion kilowatt hours. The increase in social electricity consumption inevitably leads to a continuous increase in the proportion of electricity costs in property operations. There are a large number of users with significant differences in electricity usage types, and a low willingness to actively pay, which makes it difficult to collect electricity bills!

Introduction to Yunjing Network Accounting System

However, with the development of electronic technology, the application of computer control and management technology has been widely penetrated into various industries. IC cards have been widely used in finance and other fields due to their advantages such as large storage capacity, good confidentiality performance, convenient portability, and reusability. As a product of this era, card type pre paid electricity meters have technically met the increasingly high requirements of the rapidly developing power industry for energy measurement, control, and management. Nowadays, prepaid electricity meters are widely used in commercial squares, office buildings, science parks, industrial parks, student apartments, dormitories, and so on.

Method comparison

System features


1. Supporting specialized instruments

Support remote opening and closing, malignant load monitoring and control, and equipment deployment is unified by the platform, making it convenient, efficient, and seamless to connect with other monitoring and energy products of our company.

Introduction to Yunjing Network Accounting System

Introduction to Yunjing Network Accounting System

2. Tenant dimension

By taking the tenant as the dimension to handle business, once located to the tenant, all rooms (corresponding to the meter) under the tenant's name can be recharged, refunded, and other business operations and queries can be carried out simultaneously, which is fast and efficient.


3. Balance alarm

When the balance of the meter reaches the set alarm value, the system will automatically send an alarm message to the tenant in the form of SMS/WeChat, allowing the tenant to be informed and recharge and pay in a timely manner.

Introduction to Yunjing Network Accounting System

4. Electricity protection during holidays and weekends

The electricity protection function during holidays and weekends, which means that even if customers owe money on the set date, they will not cut off the power and switch off, reducing the damage to the interests of tenants caused by power outages in special circumstances.

Introduction to Yunjing Network Accounting System

5. Malignant load monitoring

Support two malignant load monitoring methods: 1. Total power monitoring mode, 2. New power+new power factor mode, which can effectively prevent safety hazards caused by the use of high-power electrical appliances.

Introduction to Yunjing Network Accounting System

6. Income and expenditure analysis

Property revenue and expenditure analysis, comparative analysis of property energy consumption, payment and customer energy consumption and payment trends, to help the property develop more suitable billing plans.

Introduction to Yunjing Network Accounting System

7. Report records

System logs, operation logs, recharge records, account inventory, etc., all information can be traced to ensure that every task of the management is clear and understandable.


WeChat operation

Of course, in addition to the above system features, the Yunjing network billing system is more convenient to operate on WeChat.

WeChat module

Bill inquiry: Bill information can be queried by billing period;

Usage inquiry: query the total usage of the current month and the usage of each room;

Recharge query: query recharge records and detailed recharge information;

If the tenant has multiple items to use, they need to first select the query items, and then they can perform billing, usage, and recharge queries.