Fudan University Fenglin Campus


Fudan University Fenglin Campus is one of the four major campuses of Fudan University, commonly known as the Medical School Campus, located on the east side of the bustling Xujiahui. The Fenglin Campus is named after its location in the Fenglinqiao area of Xuhui District. Fenglin Campus is the former campus of Shanghai Medical University, covering an area of 288 acres. It is the location of various medical departments of Fudan University, including the School of Basic Medicine, School of Public Health, and School of Nursing, except for the School of Pharmacy. Due to Dong'an Road (formerly Dongmiaoqiao Road) crossing the campus, Fenglin Campus is divided into Dongyuan and Xiyuan, and the Nursing College is located separately at 305 Fenglin Road.

Fudan University Fenglin Campus East Garden is located east of Dong'an Road, west of Zhongshan Hospital, and south of Zhaojiabang Road. There are iconic buildings of Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai's excellent historical building "East No.1 Building", as well as buildings such as Mingdao Building and Zhidao Building in the area. The statue of Yan Fuqing and the medical student oath tablet are also located here. The functional positioning of Dongyuan is administrative and scientific research. Xiyuan is located west of Dong'an Road and is positioned as a student living and teaching area.

Fudan University Fenglin Campus

This project has two zones, east and west. There is one 35KV user station, one 10KV switch station, and three 400V distribution rooms in the east zone; There is one 10KV switchgear in the western area, four 400V distribution rooms, and more than 400 distribution boxes that need to be monitored.

Jiangsu Elecnova Electric Co., Ltd. has undertaken the power monitoring system of the project. Due to the large area of the project and the scattered location of the collection equipment, after multiple on-site surveys by technical personnel and detailed communication with users, the following plan has been made: a communication management machine is placed in each distribution room and in buildings such as libraries, swimming pools, and academies that need to collect data from the distribution box. The data is collected from the bottom level equipment on site, and then connected to the 10KV distribution room switches in the east and west areas through fiber optics. The data is then transmitted to the 35KV switches to complete the entire system. The system backend summarizes and analyzes the data before forwarding the processed data to the school's big data platform.

Users can view the real-time electricity consumption situation of the entire campus in the 35KV user station duty room and the school's big data platform. They can statistics and analyze the sub item electricity consumption and create relevant reports. They can also set limit exceeding alarms for important circuit electrical parameters. Once the alarm value is exceeded, relevant personnel can be notified immediately to handle it, avoiding secondary losses, ensuring the safety and reliability of electricity consumption, and providing data support for user energy consumption management and analysis.

Fudan University Fenglin Campus