Elecnova Network Prepaid System Solution


The prepaid payment method is for users to pay a certain fee in advance before using the business, and then provide corresponding deductions after the user successfully uses the business. The prepaid payment method has developed rapidly in recent years, which not only facilitates the financing of operators, improves management efficiency, but also brings convenience to consumers.

In the power industry, prepaid methods are often used for scenarios such as electricity consumption by tenants of complexes, electricity consumption in university dormitories, and electricity consumption in enterprise dormitories (including new construction or renovation).

SFERE Network Prepaid System Solution

The electricity prepayment system can collect information from smart electricity meters for cost control, calculate electricity bills, and remotely issue instructions and information such as electricity bill warnings and power outage and resumption. It is a remote interaction method for users to achieve automatic calculation of available electricity bill balances, automatic warning of balance information, and automatic sending of power outage and resumption instructions.

Payment before electricity usage not only solves the problem of difficult charging, but more importantly, it can achieve safe and intelligent electricity usage.

The ELECNOVA network prepaid system supports the integration of various prepaid meters (electricity, water, gas) and forms an intelligent network system through an intelligent communication gateway. Realize payment before use, automatically disconnect overdue payments, and automatically close after recharging; At the same time, real-time monitoring, data acquisition, and timely processing of cost alarms are implemented for the usage and meter status of various energy sources; Support multiple billing methods such as single rate, compound rate, and periodic rate, greatly improving the convenience of use; At the same time, the system supports monitoring of malignant loads, which can effectively improve the safety and intelligence level of electricity consumption.

System architecture 

SFERE Network Prepaid System Solution

Mainly used in commercial buildings, offices, industrial technology parks, commercial apartments, etc.

SFERE Network Prepaid System Solution

Technical characteristics

Intelligent access of terminal devices

Realize the connection of user energy system terminal equipment (single/three-phase prepaid electricity meters, prepaid water meters, etc.), monitor the user's energy consumption and payment situation in real time, and achieve functions such as paying before using energy, and automatically cutting off energy supply for arrears.


Flexible configuration of charging schemes

The system provides diversified charging modes, including single rate, compound rate, cycle (week/month) rate, tiered rate, etc., to facilitate customers to achieve personalized billing needs.

SFERE Network Prepaid System Solution

Full time electricity safety guarantee

The system provides two malignant load monitoring modes: total power mode (monitoring the total power of the line) and new power mode (monitoring the new power and power factor of the line). If the parameters exceed the limit, the power supply will be immediately cut off to ensure the safety of user electricity consumption.


Mobile recharge service

The mobile end of the APP fully leverages its mobile and portable features, connects the online and offline service system, and realizes functions such as online recharge, record inquiry, and bill inquiry.

SFERE Network Prepaid System Solution

Product recommendations

SFERE Network Prepaid System Solution

Write at the end

The ELECNOVA network prepayment system integrates functions such as energy calculation, load control, dual protection, fee management, alarm management, and electricity data statistics and analysis, which omits tasks such as meter reading and electricity fee collection; Suitable for the characteristics of collective commercial districts, effectively preventing electricity loss and equipment damage, and improving management level through statistical analysis of electricity consumption data; The use of electricity card technology for pre charging has achieved a modern consumption model where users pay first and then consume. Easy to install, on-site installation only takes a few hours; Moreover, the power consumption of electric meter measurement and control equipment is extremely low, which can meet the requirements of green and energy-saving modern electronic products.