Changsha Metro Line 1


Changsha Metro Line 1 is the core north-south line of Changsha Metro, forming a subway "cross" with the Wuyi Square Station of Metro Line 2. Changsha has officially ushered in the era of subway transfer. The intersection of Line 1 and Line 2 has achieved rapid transfer with railways, highways, aviation, and urban rail, connecting core commercial districts such as Wujialing, Wuyi Square, Dongtang, and Changzhutan. In addition, for the first time in China, this line of trains has achieved the loading and operation of a permanent magnet traction system on the entire subway vehicle, which can achieve NFC mobile payment for subway rides on the entire line.

The first phase of Changsha Metro Line 1 has a total length of 23.55 kilometers, with an elevated line of 1.139 kilometers and a transition line of 0.21 kilometers. The average station spacing is 1.1223 kilometers, with a total investment of 14.19 billion yuan. It starts from Kaifu District Government Station in the north and reaches the southernmost section of Shangshuangtang Elevated Station along Huangxing Road and Furong Road. There are a total of 20 stations, which started construction on December 26, 2010 and took 5 and a half years to complete. It was officially opened for trial operation on June 28, 2016.

Changsha Metro Line 1

This project utilizes the intelligent measurement and control instrument PD19 series developed and manufactured by Jiangsu Elecnova Electric Co., Ltd. This series of products is a high-precision, highly reliable, and cost-effective intelligent measurement and control device designed for applications such as power monitoring, intelligent control, and measurement assessment in rail transit, public facilities, and intelligent buildings. The installation and use of this product in engineering projects have provided effective guarantees for the safe operation of Changsha Metro Line 1.