ELECNOVA Network Prepayment System-Campus

ELECNOVA Network Prepayment System-Campus

ELECNOVA CloudView Electric Power Monitoring System

With the increase of various types of electrical equipment in the school dormitory, the complexity of power management is also increasing. In order to better help the school logistics improve the dormitory management level and better cooperate with the campus prepaid system, the company has customized a meter with one incoming line and three outgoing lines, which can achieve different time-sharing control strategies for lighting, socket, and air conditioning power. According to the special needs of the school, the system is equipped with such practical functions as continuous lighting mode with lights out, low current mode with lights out sockets, standby current monitoring mode for air conditioners, malignant load monitoring, white list management, arrears and quota management, arrears alarm, etc., which provides convenience for daily power management on campus and significantly improves the security of power use on campus.

Technical Features

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SFERE Network Prepayment System-Campus Technical Features

Meet the needs of school safety management

The system meets the safety management needs of campus facilities and student dormitories. Through a time-sharing control strategy, power outages during class and at night can be achieved. High power electrical appliances in dormitories can be monitored through malicious load identification and whitelist, and standby current monitoring of air conditioning can prevent students from using electricity through air conditioning sockets without authorization.

Diversified cost management models

The system can set multi-level account balance warnings, timely reminders or pre trips when the amount is lower than the set amount, batch issuance of basic free electricity, real-time reminders upon recharge, automatic remote power restoration, and power outage for water meter arrears.

SFERE Network Prepayment System-Campus Technical Features 2

Intelligent power management scheme

The system can set the overdraft amount, whether the lighting circuit can supply power normally under the light off mode, whether the socket circuit can be set with low current mode to provide charging for students' mobile phones, and whether the air conditioner can be set with standby current monitoring mode.

Customized business process of dormitory

The system meets the management needs of campus facilities and student dormitories, and realizes various functions such as student check-in registration, dormitory replacement, dormitory check-out, and batch processing of basic free electricity. The electricity bill is automatically generated, and the query method is fast and convenient, eliminating manual meter reading. 

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