DC Multi-functional Power Meter

DC Multi-functional Power Meter


PD195Z-E31 can measure the basic electricity quantity, demand and extreme value of one DC circuit, and measure its electric energy. It has the function of multi rate electric energy measurement. Switch input and relay output functions can be added through expansion module EK1. The instrument has communication interface, which can be easily integrated with various intelligent power distribution systems and energy management systems to share rich monitoring data.

Technical Specification

Multiple signal inputs

Support 0-4V Hall sensor, 75mV/100mV shunt and other inputs

Multiple rate electric energy

Support 12 month multi rate electric energy measurement and storage, support daily multi rate measurement, with today's electric energy and last 10 days' multi rate electric energy measurement

Extensible function module

Switch input/output module, LoRa communication module, NB IoT communication module, which can be automatically identified after installation

DC Multi-functional Power Meter Dimension

DC Multi-functional Power Meter Technical Specification

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